A Theatrical Installation

The CollaborAgents present

Pigeonhole’ is a visual theatre installation that explores modern urban living spaces and the way human beings adapt and relate to them.  It is a kooky, bright and colourful half hour show performed inside a temporary installation.

Imagine a top floor apartment had a slice cut out of it, was shrunk, and placed on a city street. This ‘slice’ is comprised of three hollow boxes, joined together, with domestic worlds inside.  The design by Jonathon Oxlade is bold, distinctive, with a vivid use of colour and rich in imaginative possibilities, resulting in an installation that appeals to people’s curiosity. People stop and want to look more closely, delighting in the collection of patterns and tiny household objects, surprised at stumbling upon the unexpected colourful and charming set on the street. During the performance these boxes house two performers, Jodee Mundy and Dan Goronszy who are the inhabitants of the apartment. Performing within stultifying proximity to one another the inhabitants live, work and dream. They are constantly negotiating space and its uses, time, aesthetic differences, intrusions, sounds, objects, and juggling priorities in a series of interactions drawn from our everyday lives. Disagreements are overlooked, exacerbated, resolved, shelved and compartmentalised. Celebrations are shared and enjoyed. Care is given, received and taken for granted. Both are complicit in the harmony of the house and how that harmony is or isn’t realised.

Pigeonhole reflects our increasingly urbanised world in which space is at a premium. Cities and regional centres are constantly becoming increasingly densely populated. Often we have no choice but to accept the small amount of space available to us.

By blending physical performance, puppetry, and sound-scape inside this installation Pigeonhole creates a visual labyrinth as a metaphor for habitation, relationships and the abstract spaces inside our minds.

In tone it veers from the comic, to the poignant, to the bizarre, with the performance mostly played through physical action with the absence of proper dialogue.  The language that is used is mostly a nonsense language. This serves two purposes: to allow for a freer interpretation of what is going on between the characters, but also on a practical level to open up the performance to children and non-English speakers allowing for as wide an audience as possible.

Pigeonhole is presented by The CollaboAgents (aka) Jodee Mundy and Dan Goronszy in collaboration with designer Jonathon Oxlade, sound composers Kelly Ryall, Andrew Callaghan and dramaturg Sandra Long. Pigeonhole a theatrical installation acknowledges that the original concept was developed by Sam Davison and Jodee Mundy. With thanks to Chrisitan Leavesley, Sue Giles and Ben Cobham for their invaluable contribution in its prior developments.

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